n__n like seeing me pop up on my dash 
but don’t change my fucking source, kay? c: <3
Maybe for Beyond? :3
Fixing MY FUCKING source :3

For Marie =]
I’m dying to just have a room roll and pet them, since Foo says he can’t get another Nocturnal ticket.

awh kat you look the best in these!! :D I want to do one too so bad! Just being in the comfort of you and joe’s apt since i dont feel safe doing drugs anywhere else <3 lolol
ZOMG RAVE FASHION: ZOMGRaveClothes epic fluffies giveaway!⇢


To celebrate 650 followers, Hypergleam has generously donated fluffies for the followers of ZOMG Rave Clothes.

The winner will be selected by random drawing EXACTLY TWO WEEKS FROM NOW, ON Sept 20th. The lucky winner may select ONE pair of fluffies. Either these…


or these!!



the notes on this are ridiculous lol
excited to wear my fluffies to nocturnal~
just got these bad boys in the mail today~ ♡