never have to spend money on haircuts again *^0^*
Photography by: Darshelle StevensStudio: &
Make up from my photoshoot today c: 
n__n like seeing me pop up on my dash 
but don’t change my fucking source, kay? c: <3
Confuzzled thoughts of outer space~

"Glitter Fever"
Water color // Copic Multiliners // Photoshop CS5
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"Psychedelic Metamorphosis"
Water Color and Copic Multiliner/ Photoshop CS5
Prints are UV reactive, which means thy glow under black light! :3
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I’m quite fond of my jaw line :3
Jewel and pearl embelleshed bra by me c:
Bow and top made by me! I’ve been a busy little bee all day n__n
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Kat I want you to know that I love the thigh highs, and that I’m also planning on placing our little feathered friend on Rupert’s favorite thing bump into.
I really hope you like it <3
rollin’ balls and shoppin’ malls ;D